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Transforming lives
Turning resource burners into resource earners

Release date: 24 June 2016

Through this handbook our aim is to increase the productivity of all moderately disabled persons and their caregivers in our country and thereby improve the economy of our country – a group that in India represents 60 million people, the size of many nations.

Imagine how much the National Economy would be boosted if an additional 6 crore (60 million) Indians are able to contribute productively! This rich resource of people, currently constitutes moderately disabled persons and their care-givers. The SJHR Handbook, explores simple steps that could be followed; by those Disabled, their Care-givers and Family, MBBS Doctors, Healthcare Professionals or anyone interested in working for the disabled; to increase the productivity of the disabled individual, their care-givers and family, society at large and indeed, eventually the entire nation. , The topics covered, include musculo-skeletal disorders, stroke, diabetes, neurogenic bladder, spinal cord injury, hypertension, haemophilia, pressure sores, pulmonary rehabilitation, amputations and many more. A special feature is that diverse professionals, patients, caregivers (and a cartoonist!), have joined hands to co-create the St John’s Handbook of Rehabilitation.

The Handbook is focused on “converting resource-burners into resource-earners”. And this is only the beginning! Come let’s join hands as we strive to improve the National Economy!


Dr George Varghese

This Handbook is a part of our forward looking tribute to Dr George Varghese, Johnite and Physiatrist. Dr George Varghese had been named as one of the “Best Doctors of America” consistently from 1996 to 2011. In 2011, he won the Frank H. Krusen, M.D. Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr George Varghese won the “Excellence Teaching Award” for many years from his residents. More remarkable was the fact he – a non-surgeon – was bestowed the “Honorary Neurosurgeon” award by Neurosurgeons of the University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas.

However this forward looking tribute to Dr George Varghese is simply because he is so loved, he’s so liked; because he is so good, and he’s so great.

And our tribute to Dr George Varghese, Johnite and Physiatrist – as mentioned at the Oration Dr George gave at St. John’s in 2012 - is everything that we as a Department do, in all the years ahead, is because and for him. This is our forward looking tribute to Dr George. And so we offer to Dr George The St. John’s Handbook of Rehabilitation as our tribute.

From the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Handicap International

“I congratulate Dr Kurian Zachariah for giving us a remarkable edited volume that contains a wide range of information for professionals engaged in the field of rehabilitation ... bringing together disability advocates, educators, practitioners, and administrators, assembling the most current knowledge into this book.”

Subhabrata Samal,
Technical Adviser, Handicap International-Iraq

Advisory Board

Dr. PremPais

Former Dean & Professor of Medicine
St. John's Medical College

Dr. U. Singh

Professor & Head,
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation,
All India Institute of Medical Sciences,
New Delhi

Mr Bert Cherian

A Business Coach, Innovation Consultant
and the author
A top rated trainer for over 20,000 people

Editor & CZO

Dr Kurian Zachariah

Dr Kurian Zachariah, was personally recommended by Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa in 1996, for the setting up of the PMR Department at St. John's Hospital, Bangalore. In 2001, he was awarded the Vimla Virmani Award by the National Academy of Health Sciences for outstanding work done in the field of rehabilitation in India. His special interests include innovation and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Zachariah hopes the St John's Handbook of Rehabilitation will result in people recognizing disability as a vast untapped reservoir of National Wealth which will definitely benefit the nation. but only when nurtured and empowered effectively.

Editorial Board

Mr Alexis Leon

Managing Director L and L Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
Cochin, India

Dr. Koustubh Chakraborty

Specialist Physiatrist
Department of Medical Rehabilitation
King Saud Medical City,

Dr. Apuraba Barman

Assistant Professor
Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
All India Institute of Medical Sciences

Mr Vijay Paul

Ms. Reshmi Jose

Ms. Rosanna Abrachan

Dr. Dheeraj Adiga

Consultant Physiatrist
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru

Dr. Delon D'Souza

Senior Resident,
Department of Medicine,
St. John's Medical College

Beyond the book :: The Master's Plan

Mr. Salan Khalkho

Project Manager & CYO,
YourSpringboard.org (Overall Execution)

Dr. Ruhi Agarwala

Project Manager & CYO,
Search & Search

Dr. Srinand Srinivas

Project Manager & CYO,
YourSpringboard.org (Editorial & Volunteers)

God is good – all the time

God is good – all the time
God doesn’t make mistakes
God doesn’t make duplicates.
God is good – all the time

He buries His treasures in us
and patiently waits ... with bated breath...
for us to stumble across His Plans.

And when we finally do
God giggles and rubs His hands in holy glee
And jumps up and down with ecstasy
for us having finally stumbled over a bit of Him
planted in us before the dawn of Creation
Created in His Image.

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